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Credential Evaluation Terms and Conditions

Applying for a credential evaluation with China Credential Services requires agreeing to all of the following Terms and Conditions

Processing Time

Standard Services:
The standard processing time for China Credential Services evaluations is 5 business days from the day the application form, all required documents and fees are received by China Credential Services.

Rush Services:
We also offer expedited (“rush”) processing of 3 business days, 1 business day and same-day processing for orders submitted by 10 am CST that have all required documents.

Report Delivery

Our evaluation reports are delivered on secure watermarked paper or via a password-protected electronic product delivered securely via a web link in PDF format, accompanied by PDF copies of evaluated documents.

Both the paper and the electronic reports can be accessed online for 2 months after issue. After expiration, online access can be extended at any time for an additional period of 2 months.


China Credential Services will refund all fees if a report is canceled before it is put into production, retaining a $50 processing fee, except in cases of suspected altered or fraudulent documents, in which case no report would be prepared and no refund would be issued.

We will issue no refunds for completed reports.


Required Documents

See our documentation requirements here: https://chinacredentials.com/evaluation/#requireddocuments. Evaluations can not be processed without an application form, payment and a complete set of required documentation.

If you wish for a portion of your education not to be evaluated, please, indicate so on the application.
However, once we prepare a report without a credential, adding this credential to an evaluation will require a new report and a full evaluation fee. In addition to that, we reserve the right to ask for photocopies of excluded credentials to be submitted for evaluation purposes.

If a portion of foreign education was completed in a foreign country other than China, we recommend that you email or call us prior to ordering an evaluation to confirm that we are able to evaluate all of your documents.

An evaluation will not begin until an application for evaluation, a full payment and all required documents have been submitted.

We reserve the right to request additional documentation at any point during the evaluation process.

Electronic Copies of Documents VS Authenticated Documents

We prepare reports based on 2 different kinds of credentials to accommodate the needs of different institutions and organizations:

1) Electronic copies of credentials,
2) Authenticated credentials.

Reports based on Electronic Copies of Credentials are prepared without authentication, but include an authenticity analysis, with comments denoting any format or content inconsistencies.

Reports based on Authenticated Credentials are prepared based on Verification Reports (CHESICC) in conjunction with Electronic Copies of Credentials. Occasionally, in cases when documents can not be verified through CHESICC, we may contact the issuing institutions or use alternative verification avenues.

For evaluations based on Electronic Copies, we reserve the right to request CHESICC verification reports if any irregularities are discovered. No refund would be issued for evaluations that can not be completed due to document irregularities if no verification reports can be provided, regardless of reason. No refunds would be issued in cases of suspected altered or fraudulent documents.

We are unable to accept faxes, originals or paper copies by mail without a preapproval. Please contact us in order to discuss your specific situation that may warrant submission of original/paper credentials via mail. China Credential Services is not responsible for credentials lost as a result of utilizing postal or courier services.

Fraudulent Documents

If altered or fraudulent documents are submitted for evaluation, the evaluation will be canceled with no refund, and all designated recipients of evaluation report will be notified, along with the relevant authorities and other evaluation services.

In cases when we suspect the credentials submitted for evaluation to be altered or fraudulent, China Credential Services reserves the right to put the evaluation on hold and request verification reports from CHESICC. If no such reports are submitted, China Credential Services reserves the right to cancel the evaluation with no refund.



We verify ALL translations for accuracy.

Translations are required only for Course-by-Course and Catalog Match reports.

Translations do NOT have to be official, certified or notarized, but they have to be typed (not handwritten), accurate and prepared in the same exact order and format as the documents in Chinese.

Translations that do not satisfy those requirements will be rejected.

Evaluation Decisions

Our evaluations represent the professional judgment of China Credential Services, and are based on the latest research in the field of comparative education and the best information available at the time the evaluations are prepared. We reserve the right to amend our evaluation decisions as new information becomes available, or following the changes within the Chinese or US educational systems, as they come into effect.

This means that we may be unable to issue copies of previously completed reports when new information affects the outcome of the evaluation, or that future evaluation outcomes may differ from outcomes prior to new information becoming available.



If you believe that an evaluation report contains an erroneous judgement, please contact us at eval@chinacredentials.com listing the reference number of the evaluation report in question and your concerns.

Please note that a request for revision is not a guarantee that the results of the evaluation will be changed. We will issue a revised report free of charge only if an error is found. Otherwise, you will receive a follow-up response explaining our evaluation judgement in detail.


Acceptance of Evaluation Reports

Before placing an order, the applicants or their representatives are strongly advised to confirm with the third parties to which they intend to submit the evaluation that the evaluation reports prepared and issued by China Credential Services are acceptable and sufficient to satisfy the requirements for foreign credential evaluation.

China Credential Services makes no guarantees that our reports would be accepted by any third party. Third party institutions or organizations make their own determination on whether to accept China Credential Services reports.

Our reports are advisory and are not binding for any institution or organization. Evaluation reports prepared by China Credential Services are not a guarantee of any individual’s admissibility, employability or eligibility of any sort. We also are unable to guarantee transferability of any course work reported on our evaluations.

We assume no responsibility for how our evaluations are utilized by other parties, or for any outcome – positive or negative – of judgments and decisions based fully or in part on the results of our evaluations.